Autumn hunting - early morningThe Ludlow Hunt is enormously grateful to the farming community. Without their huge generosity and support, hunting and its associated activities would not be possible.

In recognition of this, the Ludlow Hunt offers a variety of services and benefits to farmers situated within our Hunt country.

Dead stock disposal

We offer farmers within the country a disposal service for dead stock. The facilities at the Kennels at Caynham, near Ludlow, have recently been upgraded with the rebuilding of the flesh house, and are licensed by Defra.

The carcases of fallen stock can be delivered there for processing and onward dispatch to the renderers, where final disposal is completed. Due to regulatory requirements, we are unable to collect carcases, but the flesh house is normally open for deliveries between 6.00 and 10.00 am Monday to Saturday.

The service is offered to farmers and smallholders on a non-profit making basis. There is a scale of charges for different types and quantities of carcase, which is available on request from Oliver Dale, Master (tel 01584 823757), or Dave Finlay, Kennel Huntsman (tel 07800 875327). To arrange a delivery, contact Dave Finlay.

Pest control

When requested by farmers, the Hunt will undertake pest control on a legal basis. Arrangements may be made at any time of year by phoning Oliver Dale or Dave Finlay at the numbers above.

The Boxing Day meet at Ludlow CastleReduced subscriptions

We offer farmers within the country specially reduced subscription packages for hunting with the Ludlow Hunt. For details, visit the Subscriptions page  and download the form, or contact Ann Staniland, Secretary, on 01299 272789.

Free advertising on our website

Farmers can place ‘for sale’ or ‘wanted’ notices on the Buy&Sell page of this website free of charge. Visit the Buy&Sell page for details of how to place an advertisement.

Free website links

We offer farmers with their own website a free link to it from the Links page of this website. Visit the Links page to see how it works. If you would like to take up this offer, contact Colin Perry or phone 01886 812386.