Joining In


Huntsman and hounds in the shadow of a snow capped Clee Hill in Shropshire The Hunting Subscription is payable by riders who come out with the Ludlow Hunt during the main season, which normally lasts from the end of October to the second week in March. Meets take place on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and occasional Thursdays - visit the Meets page for details.

Subscribers can choose from a variety of subscription packages - 5, 10 or unlimited days. There is also a special week days package. Reduced rates are offered for young people aged 20-30, juniors aged 11-20, and children. Please note that subscriptions include field money, and that there is no daily charge.

Please complete and return the Subscription and Standing Order forms to the Hunt Treasurer at the address shown on the form as soon as possible before the season begins. Subscribers should be members of the Countryside Alliance.


Non-subscribers are welcome to ride with the Hunt for up to 3 days per season upon payment of a daily visitors' cap, details of which can be obtained from the Field Secretary, Ann Staniland (tel: 01299 272789). We would be grateful if visitors could place their cap money in an envelope with their name, address, email and telephone number and give it to Ann at the Meet.


The Ludlow Hunt is lucky to have one of the most beautiful stretches of country in England, and it is a real pleasure to ride across it. If you are considering coming hunting with us for the first time, you may appreciate this brief description of how we operate, together with a few suggestions and guidelines. Be assured that, on the day you come out with us, you will be made very welcome and will have the opportunity to make a lot of new friends.

The first thing to be clear about is that we hunt within the law. Artificial trails are laid for the hounds in the area where we meet on a hunting day, although it can happen that in crossing the countryside the hounds will inadvertently pick up the trail of a fox.

Ludlow_CastleIn arranging a day's hunting, you should contact one of the Secretaries or Masters whose details appear on the Contacts page of this website. Or you may already know one of the Ludlow Hunt members, who will be happy to provide an introduction. They will tell you how to find out about the dates and locations of the Meets which have been arranged during the hunting season, which lasts from the end of October to the middle of March. They will also give you information about the cost of a single day's hunting as a visitor, or of a subscription for a limited or unlimited number of days. Alternatively you can download this information by clicking on the Subscription Form link above. There are special terms for young people aged 11 to 23, and children under 11 are free.

The Meets in the main season are normally at 11.00 am, and the hunting can continue until it gets dark. However it is not necessary to stay out all day, and it is often wise to stop after 2 or 3 hours if either horse or rider has become tired. On any hunting day, there will typically be riders of different levels of experience. There will often be opportunities for jumping, but it is not necessary to take them and there are always some riders who go round.

We are very privileged to be allowed by the farmers to cross their land. In return, it is important that the riders keep together as a group, follow the Fieldmaster, and observe any instructions. Every effort must be made to avoid damage to land, fences or crops, to avoid disturbing livestock, to keep to the edge of sown fields, and to close gates unless instructed otherwise.

Maintaining the goodwill of the general public is also vital. It is important to avoid holding up traffic on roads. If you are unfamiliar with an area, please ask the Secretaries or Masters for advice as to where to park horseboxes or trailers.



The Ludlow Hunt Supporters Club and the Ludlow Hunt Club each organise several social and other events throughout the year in support of the Hunt - visit the Events page for details. Membership of these Clubs is open to all, whether subscribing to the Hunt or not. The Supporters Club also runs a 200 Club with monthly prizes. Membership forms can be downloaded by clicking on each of the buttons below.

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